A town hall meeting is one of the best ways of communicating with your company employees.

It’s one such meet where there is the presence of employees from CEO and board members to rock bottom team players.

The core motive of hosting the event is to build engagement and align…

To establish and align the goals of an employee and a company at large a town hall meeting is organized.

There are pre-determined agendas that are raised in the meeting.

A town hall meeting is also known as “All-Hands Meeting” a place where there is presence from CEO level executives…

Television is still the most influential and trusted medium. The impact that it has made over these years is commendable.

And Television is not something that you can or should overlook as a marketer.

Even in today’s era of the internet where social media has taken over completely. …

Marriages are made in heaven they say.

Wedding. A series of beautiful memories of joy and laughter.

It is one of life’s biggest happening. And gifting us a whole new journey, to begin with.

Something that will remain with us forever.

So, if there are some happenings which are so…

Video marketing has taken the world into storms.

Video marketing is one of the core elements of the digital marketing spectrum. The static visuals and words can’t impact as much as compared to videos.

Even due to the pandemic there has been a visible upsurge in video contents on different…

A clinical trial is a scientific process of collecting data.

The given data helps us to come to a conclusion for a drug in respect to its use for a particular dis-ease or a medical condition.

The trials are carried on strict standards to present reliable and safe results. It…

A hybrid event is a form of event where the audience participates in-person (live) as well as virtually.

The whole purpose of a hybrid event is to give the very similar experience of the person attending the event live to the ones connected on-screen.

In hosting a hybrid event the…

Bike riding sounds so cool, right?

Just a thought of it brings joy to all the adventure nerds.

And being on a long journey and having a road trip is so exciting.

We get along with friends and encounter so many new experiences in our lives.

But when we talk…

Image Courtesy Pexels

The event industry met with a great recession earlier this year, with the announcement of lockdown all across the globe.

This intensely affected the people who were associated with this industry. Be it the organizer or the workforce who worked on-site. Everyone faced a crisis.

Currently, event…



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